June 3, 2013

TV unit ikea hack



We bought this TV unit from Ikea, discount as the center speaker didn’t fit in our old one. We initially thought we wouldn’t fit the draws, thumb as the virgin media box and blueray player wouldn’t be able to read the remote control signal.



So it looked like this:



A bit ugly, cystitis to say the least.

So whilst back home, I took full advantage of dad’s powertools and cut a piece of wood the exact same size as the original draws, but I cut a hole out of the middle. I then painted it white, then stretched opake white fabric over it.

tv unit draw

We then reassembled the draws as per the instructions and voila. We are now able to hide the ugly tivo boxes behind the draws, yet still able to use the remote control through them.



I’m Pretty pleased with the outcome, and Luke’s opinion change on at least one of my great ideas.

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