June 6, 2012

Keep that match away


These candles aren’t to be lit, anorexia well not yet anyway. I wanted to make some candles for quite some time, find but I just hadn’t got round to buying some wax. ┬áSo when I unpacked my suitcase after 6 weeks away in Seattle, skincare my boyfriend picked up the box of wax out my case and asked ‘why did you buy that there, you could’ve got it from anywhere?’ whilst this is true, I just saw it in the supermarket and had to buy it, so I’d be ready to make candles as soon as I got home.

And here they are, two in mason jars (which I also bought at the same supermarket in Seattle, and carried home in my suitcase). The other candle is in a tea cup I bought from Coloumbia road flower market back last year – it’s been sat collecting dust, so I’m glad it’s had some use. (I quickly placed it back on the same shelf, ready for the next 6 months).

Here is my little DIY guide:

1. Supplies: wax, container, wicks, chop sticks, crayons.


2. put the wicks in the bottom of the container (use some double sided tape to hold it down) and balance the wick in the center using the chopsticks.


3. I bought a pan especially, and melted the wax it really slowly over the pan was very very satisfying. I also added a blue crayon, to colour the candles.


4. Pour the melted wax in to the molds, and leave to set – preferably overnight.


5. Ta Dah, sit back and admire your work. You could even go crazy and light it.

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