March 28, 2013

A Beached Armadillo

beached armidillo dream


This is what I dreamt about last night:

We landed on a floating restaurant in the sea off the coast of hawaii, me and Luke swam into shore in cold sea water, but further down the beach was a beached up animal. It was 3 double deckers high and 3 times as many long. It looked more like an armadillo than a whale and the locals seemed to be quite concerned. Everyone on the beach watched as is the sea claimed it and it disintegrated in front of their eyes, although the group of cyclist who were about to start a cross country cycle race seemed to less phased by it, and more interested in adjusting their lycra. At one point Luke considered joining in, but instead he waited whilst i painted my nails, then we went off in search of a place to stay for the night. Luke was a little annoyed at waiting for my nails to dry, and as a result all the rooms had been taken. It was overly busy due to festival that was starting the following day. We had to fork out on an expensive suite, that although had nice views and our own kitchen, it apparently housed the hotels laundry room. which made it impossible to sleep as we were getting disturbed all night long.


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